Saturday, June 20, 2009

Seoul's a dance, you learn as you go.

Just a few things I've learned after living in Korea for 2 weeks...

-It's okay to smack when eating around friends.

-Always have clean feet!

-There is a different trash for food, paper, plastic, and "wastes" everywhere.

-English on -t-shirts and signs and stuff never really makes that much sense.

-Americans are too big and have too big of feet to shop in Korea... and they aren't afraid to let you know.

-Kim (keem) is your friend.

-Eat at places with pictures on the menu.

-Move fast when in the city.

-Be quiet on the subway. (but trying to make people laugh on the subway is one of the funniest things ever!)

-Deoderant is really expensive.

-Don't eat toast soaked in butter after not eating eating any butter for 2 whole weeks!

-Girls hold hands with girls, and boys hold hands with boys.

-There's a certain way to use a squatty potty.

-People clean the floors like you're gonna eat off of them or something... but then later you actually do.

-Koreans never sleep!

-Don't eat too "deliciously" because napkins aren't so common.

-Age, church, lunch, tissue, coffee= agie, churchie, lunchie, tish, coppee

-Air condition is really really really cold after going without it for 2 weeks.

-It's okay if people stare at you sometimes... or all the time... everywhere you go.


  1. Rachel, please don't eat off the floors!
    Love, Mom

  2. A Second to what mom says above...

  3. That made me totally laugh out loud!! Love following you on the journey God has for you. Praying for you!

  4. okay so I'm not literally eating off of the floors, I just mean we sit on the floor when we eat.

  5. God ALWAYS blesses what He initiates...