Thursday, May 20, 2010


Sometimes when I think about those suffering in different places around the world I feel as if there is so little that I can actually do. I know I shouldn't feel bad, that I should do all that I can and trust God to use a willing and obedient heart... but I often feel helpless.

Then I open my eyes and see helplessness all around me; even in those who don't see it in themselves. Yet so often the only thing standing in my way from following Him is me. Is there really a better place for me to be? A more effective place for God to use me than where I am? In the center of His will, step by step, following His lead in complete and full surrender and submission; no matter when; no matter where.

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  1. I am reading a Chinese book these days. The book is a comparative of eastesn and western history, philosophy, and thinking. But it unflods in the way as the author is having a conversation with several greatest poets and thinkers from China and the west. I am greatly encouraged by this one man's journey becasue he came to know Creator God and Savior Jesus not through reading the Bible, but through Russian Literature and their authors' thoughts and lives. His understanding of Christianity is fresh and deep,not embeded in the levels of culture (American or European, Greek, Judaism) trappings. This is what he discovered,

    There is no gods as God in Christ cares about the sufferings of human being.He came to carry the suffering himself.

    When one individual encounters God, he is encountering a divine love, a divine presence, through which he is forever changed because he is no longer his own. The divine love transformed him so that he could carry and live with the sufferings too, even find joy in the suffering.

    Heaven is here and now, is a human being finding his life in divine love and divine life.

    Your sorrow, your saddness towards the suffering people is an evidence of that divine love in you. Your heart has been softened and saturated by that love and your heart aches with God when seeing the sufferings.

    The worst kind of suffering is that one never knows the existence of love and kindness. They have never been spoken nicely or treated kindly. While you are with them, your smile and kind words are light to them, though they donot know that light is from God.