Saturday, February 28, 2009

Romeo and Juliet

Spring Break is here! and so am I... stuck at school for the first few days of spring break, I have nothing better to do than laundry, homework, and Korean Drama...

I was informed just yesterday by my friend Jamie, from Malaysia, that I must start watching Korean Drama. Korean Drama is equivalent to an American mini-series. On you-tube they're shown in 10 minute segments with about 7 or 8 segments per episode. I decided to devote an hour of my afternoon to watching some Korean Drama. So I You-tubed Korean Drama, and as I ate my leftover Chinese that Flora cooked last night at Encounter Bible study, I watched my first Korean Drama ever. The one I watched today reminded me of a cross between a day-time soap opera and Lizzie McGuire.

Today I watched Delightful Girl Episode 3. This drama is about newlyweds Mong-ryong and Choon-hyang who are both still in high school together. They really don't even seem to like each other all that much in the beginning. Choon-hyang thinks that Mong-ryong is simple-minded. Mong-ryong even regrets the marriage at points as he still seems to have a thing for his old girl friend Chae-rin. Over the course of the episode Mong-ryong and Choon-hyang each do different things to trick or embarass the other. By the end of the episode they both seem to have developed a care for the other. Choon-hyang becomes jealous of Mong-ryong's obvious feelings he still has for Chae-rin. And later, when Choon-hyang is cast as Juliet in the school play and has an onstage kiss, Mong-ryong gets his fair share of jealousy. Only time will tell... or maybe just a few more hours of Delightful Girl... if Mong-ryong and Choon-hyang truly do love each other.
I posted this link to my favorite segment of this episode, segment (6/7), definitely the climactic segment of the episode. In this segment Choon-hyang is cast as Juliet, and Mong-ryong decides to be in the play since he is so apprehensive about the kiss. In this scene we also see that Chae-rin, Mong-ryong's former love, shows up to watch his performance. And, there is a renowned producer of some sort that's really interested in Choon-hyang, but Da-ni (I can't tell if this is her sister or just her friend) is really the one who wants to be a star. I guess that's why Choon-hyang is the Delightful Girl. This Korean DRAMA certainly lives up to its name!

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