Thursday, April 30, 2009

just like me...

"We are made of the same dust. We cry the same tears. No one is beyond redemption. And we are free to imagine a revolution that sets both the oppressed and the oppressors free."

Today one of my group leaders for this summer sent me a link to a youtube video. I clicked on it, thinking maybe it could shake some of the tired off and re-energize me to finish up the last of my packing. As I began to watch my heart was broken for the people in NK.

The thing that strikes me the most about this video, even more than the awful persecution, starvation, and torture, is the isolation that these people are subjected to. I simply cannot imagine what it would be like for that sort of life to be all that I know. I just picture a girl my age, with all of the same emotions as me, trying to rationalize why life is the way it is. Does she think about education? Does she worry about if she will ever get married one day? Does she ever wonder what else is out there in the world? ... all the while having no conception of a girl like me living, living in the lap of luxury, on the other side of the same world as her. To us the world has become so small, so globalized and accessible, yet it is so easy to overlook and forget those who suffer.

I feel like there is no reason why it should be her and not me. I did not do anything to be born into this lovely life of mine, as she did nothing to deserve the punishment of the life she endures. But to her, this is life. And even if she is not aware of my existence, I feel we are the same.

A former professor was telling me today how strongly he believes that we all play our roles on earth, but that ultimately, wherever we are, as Christians our goal is the same, to help others to see the big picture of Christ's love. Although I feel so small in the scheme of things, I know God can use me to show just one person that there is so much more to life than life; that whatever life we are destined to lead on this earth is trivial in the big picture of it all.

So as tears come to my eyes while pondering this short video, I only feel more encouraged and burdened to share this unending love that has been poured into me. And while it breaks my heart to think of how anyone could ever bear treating another person so cruelly, it helps me remember that one person can make a difference.

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  1. These are the constant reminders for me to "wake up" and remember my calling.

    Our mission begins here and extends to the nations.