Friday, July 10, 2009


Now for some girl time.

Yesterday, our only male teammember stayed home the first half of the day for a little extra rest. This gave us girls a chance to do something that I believe is often overlooked in Christian communities. Instead of our daily Bible study, we ended up spending some time confessing to each other some of our deepest darkest sins.
In the midst of a culture (both here and in the U.S.) that feeds us the lies of all that matters is what we look like on the outside, it can be hard to really open up and be vulnerable to others, even in the church. But this time we shared together was one of the best times this summer. A loved one of mine once told me when you tell someone about a problem, it cuts it in half. When you tell someone else, it cuts it in half again. And so on. To be able to come together with these other girls and honestly open up was both releiving and refreshing. I would encourage everyone to find someone you can trust to confess to. You may find out you're not the only one struggling with that secret sin.
Then I accidently read ahead to the verse that was supposed to be for the next day in Acts 19:18,30 which says, "...many of those who were believers came, the Lord continued to increase and prevail mightily." But maybe there are no accidents.

Later that day before I left school, one of the students that has really been on my heart lately, H, hugged me when I was telling her bye and said, "I miss you this weekend. My uhn-nee, I love you." Talk about make my heart melt. All I could do was hug this tiny girl so tight and try not to cry.

The day only continued to get better. Laura and I left school early to cook American dinner for our slumber party. We made spaghetti and peas, which everyone seemed to love. But I didn't anticipate how difficult a slumber party could be with 2 bunches of girls from completely different cultures. At first, they didn't like our games, and things seemed a little slow. But sooner or later after a round of Spoons, things loosened up and became a lot more fun. We played cards, did nails, listened to music and danced. We even got to make American brownies... in bowls in the microwave, which no one seemed all that fond of, except for us American girls who gobbled them up.

Uhn-nee is a term used by Korean girls when talking to other girls who they are close to or just friends with. Uhn-nee translated literally means sister. I'm so grateful for all of my newfound Uhn-nee here on this side of the world.

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  1. That's awesome!! Continuing to pray for you as you reach those precious girls for Christ! Enjoy the rest of your time there! Glad you're getting to update!