Thursday, July 9, 2009


It's at that point in the summer in which things have started to become comfortable. We have somewhat of a daily routine and know a little of what to expect, despite our still every changing schedule and plans! And I think this can be a good thing... but this can also be the most dangerous time of all.

First, our team has become somewhat of a family, which can lead to clashing and quarreling over silly little things, like any normal family. But so far we always bind together and work things out for the best with love.

But more importantly, we're at the point where it's easy to lose sight of our purpose... of His purpose. The weeks are flying by, and our time left here is growing shorter and shorter as every precious moment slips away.

Missing home is something that has also crossed my mind a time or two. As I sit here and listen to Dixie Chicks "Wide Open Spaces" I certainly long for some beautiful countryside that's not so easy to come by in Seoul.

Let's say it's easy to get distracted. Especially in the busy hustle bustle of the big city and going, going, going constantly. And although I seem to learn a little more every day just how much my life is not my own, the more I try, the more I fail. I can try and try, but it's never until I just let go and listen to the whispers of God that I truly find anything.

So what can I do now? Hold on for this ride, but let go. Be strong, yet be broken. Remain, yet keep moving. Speak yet listen... to His whispers.

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  1. This is where you fall back to earth, when the excitement of the city loses it's luster.

    It's the hardest part of the summer, but the most important. This is where you get into the nuts and bolts of your relationship with Father and find out what your made of. Stay broken, stay humbled, keep the faith!

    Acts 10:35